Moments Stories

Fashion fades. Only style remains the same.

Now, closer to you

By 2018, the number of active blogs has grown exponentially. The trend has been imposed since 2017, but has taken its place in an exacerbated way this year. The brand Elisabeth Moments doesn’t want to be left behind, but also doesn’t want to be ‘just another” blog. With this said, we present to you a different concept, which brings added value to its public and that contributes actively to the fashion industry.
With this blog, we aim to dictate trends, have a voice present in the lives of our clients and distinguish ourselves from others through a sublime irreverence and the will to help all women to feel unique and special.
Over the next few years, we’ll talk about fashion, our brand, our news and public figures using Elisabeth Moments products. We want to inspire our customers, women, creatives and all industry professionals. We want to show you the entire Elisabeth Moments universe, through curiosity sharing and the backstage where our products are made.
We’ll also share our collections here as we launch them throught the seasons. We believe that this is a space of sharing and connecting with all the people who follow us and who like what we produce. We promise transparency and authenticity, because we know that only in this way can we transmit everything we are and how much we like what we do. We hope you’ll join us and know that we are fully available for any questions or suggestions you may have.
Life is made of stages and this is one more that we (re) begin, on your side. We are more than footwear, clothing and accessories. We are the result of much dedication and effort and you’re all part of this.
Stay on that side.