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New Year's Suggestions - Shoes to shine!

After deciding what to wear for the New Year, the protagonism is assumed by the shoes, so we selected some Elisabeth Moments shoes to enter 2018 on the right foot!
The suggestions are for all tastes, ranging from the most classic stilletos to the boldest, all elegant and glamorous to receive the longest night of the year. Here are the suggestions Elisabeth Moments:
Stilleto Glitter: for a more sober coordinate that needs a shiny pointing, these stilletos with glitter and golden heel are the ideal option!
Stilleto 2012 Golden Varnish: The longest night of the year deserves brilliance! These golden stilettos are perfect for a more holistic look and you can wear them on a daily basis combined with jeans or more subtle colors.
Stilleto 2015 Black Suede: for a daring look that has a lot of glitter or glitter, these black suede stilettos with a golden heel are very elegant and consensual.
Stilleto 2025 Metallic Skin: if you like to enjoy this time of year to risk a little more and shine, these stilletos are for you. All in metallic skin, they promise a big year pass!
Stilleto 2028 White Leather: for those who prefer to choose some shoes that attract all the attention, then these stilletos in white skin and with the golden pointing in front are ideal choice. It’s going to hit the spot all night!