Romantic Moments AW20

The next collection, called Romantic Moments, has prime reference the romantic spirit of the past times, materialized for the actual period of time that we are living, with a touch of modernity.

Art creates a parallel world, and that’s exactly the mote for Romantic Moments.

Love, the spirituality, the vision of the world focused on emotions, feelings, valorization, and visualization of the individual for a better place.

Thus, and derived from these strong references, emerge pieces that are worked, highly elegant and sophisticated with thoughtful and bold details, such as the variety of sleeves, and pleats present throughout the collection.

Together with the worked pieces, we have more clean and flexible pieces to balance with the rest of the elements that stand out.

Color of passion and love, which together with the rest of the colors creates a harmonious, balanced and bold collection for modern, feminine and fearless women who are not afraid to show the love that overflows from them.

Along with these works pieces, we also have more clean ones, to balance with the rest of the elements that stand out.

Conjunto Napa camel 1
Vestido preto e amarelo 1
Casaco branco peq 2