La Sororité AW21

This collection called “La sororité” has as its main reference the fairy tales that come to life, bringing with it a feminine strength that dates back to the medieval powers present in the 17th century. This is the background of inspiration, which creates a new blend of formalism, romance, and extravagance, designed for an independent, powerful, and glamorous woman. Regardless of the struggle, she has to face, she will never lose her femininity.
This creation will contextualize a world of kingdoms defeated by a brotherhood of independent women and warriors who were and will be forever.
The “La sororité” collection thus represents the power of women from medieval times until now, keeping the lines of the ancestors, but with a vision of contemporary style, using colors that go back to the paintings of this time, represented as elegant colors in contrasts of gold and silver, marking the shine, love, and sensuality of women.
“La sororité” represents the word used by feminists in the 1970s, derived from the medieval Latin word “soror”, which means a community of women.