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GemStones SS 2019 Concept

The Spring/Summer 2019 collection designated GemStones aims to materialize the precious stones in each Elisabeth Moments model.
Inspired by the beauty of what is natural, the creation of products comes from a study of trends that go towards the identity of each stone (brightness, texture, shape and color).
One of the main focuses is the embroidery with gemstone shapes, the embroidery lines resemble the glitter that reflects the stone represented, and the asymmetrical shapes reflect the natural appearance of the crystals, which are present in several models throughout the collection.
Another focus is the chromatic palette of it, which reflect the chromatic spectrum of the stones targeted in the collection, and which translates into the use of the color of these precious objects throughout the collection. Thus, the tones that are used are feminine tones, pastel colors and gold, which is the color of choice of the brand.
Everything in this collection is eclectic, timeless, sophisticated and feminine, in which every woman can find inspiration in her diamond of choice. A combination of glamor and authenticity, ideal for a special occasion; the perfect accessory for every precious moment.
Gemstones Keywords: Gemstones, Gems, Feminine, Modern, Colorful, Elegance, Timeless, Embroidery, Gold, Crystals, Glitter.