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Egyptian vibes

Today let’s discover a little more about the new collection spring / summer that is almost, almost to reach the stores!

If they are regular followers of our social networks, surely they have already realized that the main inspiration of this collection is Egypt. This country that immediately transports us to a rich and splendid imaginary!

The catalog of the new collection will make anyone travel to the time of Cleopatra, perhaps the most striking figure in Egypt. Cleopatra was idolized by the Egyptians and not only! She was a beautiful, seductive and powerful woman who stood for history as a true female icon.

The collection that you will soon be able to find in stores and online is all this. An explosion of warm colors with bold, seductive and feminine models that are an ode to any woman!

For now what we can share with you are some images behind the scenes of the photo shoot, which will certainly stimulate your interest and generate a certain anxiety to know the whole collection!

A special thanks to Isilda Moreira (model), Joana Figueiredo (producer and stylist) and the entire Victor Hugo Photographer team.