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Fashion fades. Only style remains the same.

Checkmate AW 2018/2019

The inspiration lines of the autumn / winter 2018/2019 collection spring from a timeless trend that establishes the fusion between the geometric, the classic and the modern: the checkered pattern.
This concept meets the chess game, classic and timeless, which gives rise to the name of this collection: CHECKMATE. The combination of the patterns and the figures of the game highlight the queen’s play that recalls the figure of the brand Elisabeth Moments by its claw, elevating it as a woman with personality and an authentic and feminine taste.
The inspirations are perceptible through the presence of the pattern in several products of the collection, which recalls the game board and the classicism that is inherent to it. Since chess invokes a certain urban spirit, the palette of colors and shapes were not forgotten in the design of the products. The contrasts of the street style are also represented, presenting more accentuated color contrasts.